Naruko Tea Tree Night Gelly and Toner : Short Review

Have you heard about this brand Naruko? It is Taiwan brand, and I found interesting reviews on the internet. My source of my skincare products are mostly from Jeng @beningbersinar, that’s where I got the products from. I bought Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control and Blemish Clear Night Gelly and Toner at their mini sizes. Actually these line up are more suitable for those who have oily skin, but in my case, I use it when I have redness skin or my near/at period acnes. And it is really works!

Naruko Tea Tree Toner has liquid as water texture like common toner and quite strong herbal scent. After applying, I feel a bit tingling and really refreshing. But before, I have to use first essence, because this toner doesn’t give much hydration on my dry skin so you have to put something before to prep the skin.

Naruko Tea Tree Night Gelly has gelly texture as its name, herbal-minty refreshing scents which I love the most. I put it on last step as sleeping mask, so I really enjoy the smell as aromatherapy before to bed. I put these toner and night gelly as part of my PM skin care line up to reduce redness, flattening pimples and it also have effect on reducing acne scars. The ingredients are mostly herbs extract, it contains effective extracts such as licorice root extract which is great for fading scars and hyperpigmentation, calendula for soothing skin, and also one of the fillers they’re using is niacinamide that’s good for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

I’ve been using them for about 2 months, and I really satisfied for the result in the morning. My skin became brighter, matte effect, and my pimple (if any) has been reduced for its size and redness overnight. These duo are definitely my favorites products to calm my acne skin problem. You should try them!