circle of life

every person has their own ups and downs.
everyone could go high and low.
everybody has the right of happiness or even sadness.
that makes everyone perfect, including you.

pick happiness as your choice, even sadness seems to be so happy near you.
you still have the choice, replace your tears of pain with tears of joy.
now if sadness the only choice, enjoy the pain until it becomes painless.
until you feel numb, feel nothing. right there, happiness is waiting to be picked.

be worry when you’re in the highest high.
it’s slippery, better watch your step.
it’s closer to the sun, so it could blind your eyes.
you can fall easily. but you won’t, if you look around and look down.
hold on them.

what if you’re on your lowest low.
your head is weary of staring up.
take a break, strech your head.
look down, and your weariness will vanish.
count your blessing, and feel the way He brings you up.

*** for everyone who has their marvellous circle of life ***